The problem we are tackling is a lack of adequate cooling solutions during the summer and so we are making a fan with a water misting feature to help people cool down on extremely hot days or during periods of heatwaves. This will be ergonomic and lightweight, with an affordable cost so anyone is able to buy it.


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The three goals we have selected for our project all pretty much intertwine and connect with each other. For climate action, we are going to take steps to create a product that is made from environmentally sustainable materials that will not cause any harm to wildlife, humans or the environment. We want to be as environmentally green as possible. For life on land, this connects heavily as we do not want to produce a fan that is not environmentally friendly and could cause damage to the wellbeing of our ecosystem. The same goes for responsible consumption and production.


``- Finding out a way to get the water to come out the nozzles - Making it easy to carry and lightweight - Finding the best materials``
- We are going to research online the best ways to achieve a lightweight, compact design whilst still including all other features. We are going to look more thoroughly at materials and see what we can come up with.
Use Case
Our problem we are tackling is that during very hot summers, there are a lack of viable ways to cool ourselves down, leading to problems such as dehydration and overheating. We want to tackle this by creating a fan which has a water misting feature to help cool people down and hydrate them. This will be cheap, affordable and easily attainable. The purpose of this product is to provide customers with an enhanced cooling experience and minimise the risks of heat related illnesses.


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



Our prototype is only a diagram as of now, as we have not gotten around to building the finished prototype however a diagram is available and it will show the build design, the features and how it will work. It is basically just a smaller version of what we want the finished product to look like and includes mostly the same features as the finished version.



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Impact on the market

The product we make will fit right into the market, with it being one of very few of its kind. It will gather a huge customer base within a short period due to this being a product in high demand during hot summer months. It hopefully should encourage competitors to up their game in what they're producing so overall people are providing with more adequate cooling solutions.We have conducted research on the current market that we are going to be entering with this product. We strongly believe that we will fit into the market perfectly and outsell any potential competitors due to our unique selling point of a water misting feature on our fan. It fits into the market as it performs essentially the same function as others however it does it better, and this is what will make us successful. The things that make our product better is the ergonomic design which allows for portability and comfortability, light weight, water misting feature, cheap and affordable pricing.



We have not yet made the final product, so we would be unable to provide an overall description of the process, however in the future, we can come back to this and give you a description of the process. I will just upload a picture of the prototype to fulfil the form.