An Rc car that will be used for short ranged deliveries so we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by short range deliveries . It will also help reduce wait times and will have more carriers readily available


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2: Zero Hunger – will prevent people from having to wait longer and will ensure people don’t have to go without their food being delivered.
7: Affordable and clean energy – The RC cars will use solar energy to ensure a clean source of energy.
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure – Helps the deliveries run smoothly.
13: Climate action: Reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced by cutting out as many delivery cars.


``-3D printing our design so we can incorporate the hardware into it. -Getting the software aspects to work with the hardware. ``
None of us are well versed with 3d printing software so we will either research on how to use it or go the the IT help desk to aid us in using it. We will also run multiple tests to make sure that the software works with the hardware.
Use Case
When it comes to getting the software working with hardware we can test this using tinker cad , this way we can simulate the hardware that we will be using a long with the code to ensure that they work together and if we come against any problems then it will be easier to fix it and find solutions rather than searching for physical parts of it .


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



Our prototype is mainly going to focus on the core parts of our product so this will include the main delivery car with sensors for crash detection and it will have a hatch above so you can access the storage of the device. We think this is best due to the time we have for this , but in the chance we are running ahead of schedule then we may try to incorporate extra parts like a camera or a locking system for instance.

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Impact on the market

The product designed by APD will impact the market in a significant way as it will allow for companies to speed up deliveries and allow for cars to be available for the longer-range deliveries also cutting the contribution of pollution down by a significant amount. This reduces customer wait times which in turn can lead to more deliveries being made which increases the amount of money that can be earned from distribution and increases the market value . It also means that it can be a cheap way of having carriers or furthermore it can maybe lead to more jobs as people will need to service the robot and ensure that it's getting sent out efficiently and keeping in working order.



The process starts with getting the hardware needed for the product . Once the hardware has been gathered we can start thinking of how its all going to come together and how it will work in conjunction with the software we will be using. Once we’ve established a baseline of what we are going to do we need to start thinking how it will fit together in the RC base and for this we will need to use the 3D printer to make parts that will allow all of the hardware to fit in its respective places and ensure that it all operates together when needed. After that it comes to putting it all together and ensuring that all the hardware can remain wired up and is put in the correct place. Once all that is finalised then we can start testing the product and make changes accordingly if any problems arise. Once we’ve done thorough testing of the product then it means we can ensure no problems remain and we can start preparing it to be finalised.