DID YOU KNOW? The best spirit level is accurate to within plus or minus 0.5 millimeters/meter, or 0.005 inches/inch. Our Electric Level Measurer has a purpose to show you how perfectly level a surface is to the earth. Help you get that angle right!! This product comes is at approximately 6cm X 16cm X 5cm, this cuboid shaped Level Measurer is weighs in at about 620 grams. Our Level Measurer is portable, accurate, and easy to use, making it a top choice for investors and customers alike. The team’s commitment to excellence sets us apart from competitors (If we don’t say so ourselves:)!


Empowered and Driven:
Delivering Solutions for Global Issues

With our Level Measurer, we can boost DIY work and industry precision, spark innovation, and strengthen infrastructure. WE BELIEVE IT ALL STARTS FROM THE FOUNDATION. It’s all about accuracy for top-notch results made from the rawest of materials!

As a team, our goal is to help you as users have a great experience using our collaboratively-made product created by innovative Craftsmanship and Creativity.


``Management / Decision-Making / Skill Gaps / Keeping Communication / Understanding Roles and Responsibilities. Generally, a delay in creating a dynamic within the team.``
Spend more time together to improve chemistry as a team whilst we work on our project to excel in progression and group understanding.
Use Case
``Together as Inviticus, we encountered many issues getting together remotely to build and put together our device. This made time-managing exceptionally difficult which slowed down progress drastically. To overcome this, we organized scheduled meetups before and after seminars through Microsoft Teams where presentations were sent and made collaborative as well as get-togethers more effective. We used MS Excel to arrange a professional Gantt Chart to schedule our team tasks. Through MS Onedrive, here we were able to share and collaboratively monitor what was done as well as what was to be completed. Microsoft has been an effective tool to address these team challenges and overcome any barriers to reach our goals!``


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



“6cm X 16cm X 5cm
Plastic Casing
LCD 16×2 Screen on top
Corner Caps
Approx. 750 grams”



Online Marketing
Creative agency
Web development


Impact on the market

``Introducing this product to the market means that we could completely scrap the inconsistencies of the modern spirit level measurer giving more accurate results to our carpenters and constructors at home or work. This is a game changer for professionals who long for more precise readings on how accurate a surface or object is!

With further advancements made on this product, we could eliminate all further flaws and build a product better for everybody to use. ``



“Initially, we started brainstorming a cause in which our product was going to be manufactured effectively and presented. First, we analyzed the experience we had amongst ourselves as a group and after having a selection of ideas to choose from within our skill level. We knew to consider a product that would have an indefinite impact on the market. Once we decided to settle with the majority vote of the ‘Level Measurer’, began looking at the materials we needed to structure our project.

We put together draft blueprints, Gantt charts, programs, and builds for our prototype and also endured numerous meetings for progress checks to make sure we were prepared. And indeed we were, because after several weeks we came out with all internal parts functioning followed by the casing and final testing of the prototype just in time to represent our products together as a team to the market.”