Linear is excited to announce our innovative invention, the Automated Lawnmower and Soil Moisturiser. Lawn maintenance is still a labour- and time-intensive duty for many farmers, property managers, and homeowners in today’s fast-paced world. In light of the escalating concerns regarding environmental sustainability as well as the difficulties that older adults, the underprivileged, and farmers encounter in maintaining their outdoor areas, creative solutions that streamline lawn care, save resources, and improve accessibility are desperately needed.


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7.)Affordable and Clean Energy:

Linear contributes to this goal by incorporating renewable energy sources into our automated lawnmower and soil moisturiser.

8.)Decent Work and Economic Growth:
Linear supports this goal by creating job opportunities in the farming sector and fostering economic growth through the development of our automated lawnmower and soil moisturiser.

15.)Life on Land:
Linear aligns with this goal by promoting responsible land management practices through our automated lawnmower and soil moisturiser.


However, although our team is well prepared there are still threats and potential future issues that can stunt our development. For one, the components/parts that we collect may have some technological disruptions which can be something that blocks our progressive as it will be time-consuming to fix and/or find a replacement for it. Another problem to focus on is the clear roles and responsibilities as to established for the group to understand what their tasks are and when to completed. If this has not been established, it will lead to potential in-group conflicts as they will have insufficient time to complete and/or resources to accomplish tasks which can place the group in a precarious position resulting in a blame game. It is essential group role is established so that the work can flow seamlessly.
``For any technological disruptions the solutions are: Diversify Suppliers: Establish relationships with multiple suppliers to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of components and parts. This can help mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions and reduce dependency on a single supplier. Continuous Monitoring and Quality Control: Implement rigorous quality control measures and continuous monitoring of component performance to identify and address any potential issues or defects early in the development process. Develop Contingency Plans: Create contingency plans to quickly identify alternative solutions or replacement parts in the event of component shortages or failures. This proactive approach can minimize delays and ensure the smooth progression of the project.``
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“Our Automated Lawnmower & Soil Moisturiser prototype is a state-of-the-art fix meant to transform lawn maintenance. Advanced sensor technology, such as an ultrasonic sensor module and a line tracking module, are incorporated into the prototype to allow safe navigation, precise path following, and obstacle identification.

A motor control algorithm, path planning and navigation, obstacle detection and avoidance, wireless control and configuration, real-time feedback and monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, energy management and optimisation, and modularity and extensibility for future upgrades are among the software functionalities of the prototype.”



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Impact on the market

``The lawn care business is a large and dynamic industry, with an increasing demand for automation, accessibility, and sustainability. There is a growing need for solutions that streamline lawn care chores while reducing environmental impact as urbanization and people's hectic lives continue. Our invention, the Automatic Lawnmower & Soil Moisturizer, offers a complete solution catered to the requirements of various consumer segments, placing it in a unique position to answer these changing market trends.

Within the lawn care industry, elderly people, underprivileged people, and farmers are underrepresented groups with unique requirements and difficulties.

Elderly People: Because of physical limits or mobility concerns, many elderly people may find it difficult to maintain their lawns by hand. For this group, traditional lawnmowers may be dangerous because they are challenging to use. With the help of our automated lawnmower and soil moisturizer, senior citizens can safely and independently maintain their lawns thanks to an easily accessible and user-friendly substitute.

People with Disadvantages: People with disadvantages, such as those who are struggling financially or have special needs, could not have access to standard lawn care services. Our invention provides a practical and economical remedy that does away with the requirement for pricey expert services.

Farmers: Managing vast areas of land effectively and sustainably presents special difficulties for farmers and other agricultural workers. Conventional irrigation and soil-moistening techniques can be labor- and resource-intensive, raising expenses and having an adverse effect on the environment. Farmers now have a workable option in our Automated Lawnmower & Soil Moisturizer, which enables them to automate lawn care duties while also preserving water, improving crop development, and moisturizing the soil.

Our objective is to acquire market share and establish ourselves as industry leaders by focusing on these underserved segments of the market. Our emphasis on sustainability, diversity, and accessibility distinguishes us from rivals and establishes us as a reliable supplier of innovative lawn care products. We will highlight our product's advantages to these customer segments through strategic marketing and product positioning, showing how our invention meets their demands and challenges. ``



“Design Phase: To conceptualise the Automated Lawnmower & Soil Moisturiser, extensive study and design are the first steps in the process. This include determining the needs of the user, creating product specifications, and choosing the right hardware and software parts to satisfy these demands. The design phase is centred on the integration of cutting-edge technologies to guarantee peak efficiency, dependability, and performance, including solar panels, DC motors, and sensor modules.

Phase of prototyping: To verify the design idea and show off the capabilities of the Automatic Lawnmower & Soil Moisturiser, a prototype is created. The prototype is powered by two 18650 batteries and a solar panel for sustainable energy gathering. It has a sturdy and lightweight acrylic chassis. It uses cutting-edge sensor technology, such as an ultrasonic sensor module and a line tracking module, to provide precise path following, obstacle detection,”