The Health Pod is a representation of a paradigm shift in how individuals interact and manage their health. This technology seamlessly integrates advanced hardware and software, incorporating various sensors and databases, to streamline the medicine retrieval process for patients. This can result having a significant reduction in wait times and a more efficient healthcare experience. The Health Pod’s capability is its sophisticated database, offering users the unique opportunity to undergo a voluntary health check-up. Targeting specific conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and Parkinson’s disease, this examination provides invaluable insights into potential long-term health risks associated with age, gender, and ethnicity. The Health Pod allows patients to gain crucial knowledge, enabling them to proactively manage their health by recognizing and addressing potential risks at an early stage.


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3 – The UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, directly aligns with the objectives of the Health Pod. By providing easy access to health information and facilitating early detection of diseases, the Health Pod contributes to achieving this goal by empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards managing their health.

8 – UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 focuses on promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. The Health Pod’s impact on reducing wait times and enhancing healthcare efficiency directly contributes to this goal by freeing up resources and time within healthcare systems

9 – UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 focuses on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation. The Health Pod directly aligns with this goal by representing a technological innovation that revolutionizes healthcare infrastructure and delivery. By seamlessly integrating advanced hardware and software, the Health Pod enhances the efficiency of healthcare services, contributing to the development of resilient healthcare infrastructure.


``- Reduces wait time for patients especially older patients or sick patients. - It helps detect diseases earlier allowing for early prevention of diseases before they get worse. - Makes the pharmacists job easier. ``
``- The Health Pod dispenses medicines which means patients don't have to wait in long queues. ``
Use Case
The purpose of our project is to reduce wait times for patients and to allow diseases to be detected at an early stage allowing them to get treatment as early as possible.


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



“Medication Dispenser: Our medication dispensing system prioritises accuracy and timeliness, ensuring patients receive their medications at the right times, thus enhancing safety and treatment adherence.

Temperature control: Temperature control is essential for maintaining medication efficacy. Our dispenser ensures stability, optimising therapeutic effects and patient outcomes by safeguarding medications within their recommended temperature range.

Optional Health checkup: Our product offers an optional health check-up feature, allowing users to conveniently monitor vital health metrics like blood pressure and heart rate from home, promoting proactive healthcare management. This feature facilitates regular health tracking, aiding users in identifying potential issues early on

Secure storage: Secure storage is paramount, particularly in households with children or pets. Our dispenser includes locking mechanisms, mitigating the risk of accidental ingestion or misuse and ensuring medication safety.”


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Impact on the market

``The Health Pod revolutionizes the healthcare market by offering a comprehensive solution that combines medication retrieval with voluntary health check-ups. Its seamless integration of advanced technology addresses the increasing demand for efficient and proactive healthcare management. By targeting specific conditions and providing valuable insights, the Health Pod meets the growing need for personalized health monitoring. This innovative approach positions the Health Pod as a leader in empowering individuals to take control of their health, making it a valuable asset in the evolving healthcare landscape. Our product is better compared to others, it is affordable, easy to handle and convenient for patients.




“We watched many tutorials online to learn how to code the Raspberry Pi. This helped us show text on an LCD screen. We also worked on connecting different parts to the Pi. At first, setting up the Raspberry Pi was hard, but our teachers helped us figure it out. Now, we’ve finished designing the product in 3D, and we just need to complete it and print it using a 3D printer.