Our mission to help customers with ventilation issues by creating healthier air flow and more comfortable living environments for all. Our products monitor’s the window from anywhere using your smartphone. It provides real-time feedback, temperature control and alerts the user about specific conditions like weather change, temperature inside the room and any external force from outside which might be a security concern.


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Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being
Ensuring adequate ventilation helps mitigate health risks associated with poor indoor air quality, thereby promoting better health and well-being among occupants.

Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy
While not directly related to energy generation, improving ventilation efficiency can indirectly contribute to energy conservation by reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling in buildings.

Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
The development and implementation of innovative technologies like remote-controlled ventilation systems represent advancements in infrastructure and innovation, contributing to sustainable development.

Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
By promoting healthier indoor environments through proper ventilation, this initiative contributes to creating more sustainable and resilient cities and communities.


``1. accessibility – Certain windows could be challenging to reach, particularly for those with restricted mobility or in structures with tall ceilings. In these situations, a window opener might offer a way to open and close windows without requiring any physical efforts. 2. convenient - window openers provide a convenient approach to open and close windows, especially in areas that are hard to reach, so best suitable for disabled people too. 3. Energy efficient – it can provide an automated window ventilation, so this way the window would automatically open based on temperature, humidity. 4. Can be customisable – all window openers have their own features according to you 5. Good airflow and ventilation – Windows can be easily opened and closed, this way window openers promote a healthy lifestyle to people as it’s able to provide ventilation in houses and buildings, leading to an improved air quality. ``
The prototype serves a critical purpose for homes without air conditioning, a reality for 95% of households in the UK unable to afford installation costs. By addressing this widespread need, it prioritizes the wellbeing of users, particularly in times of extreme heat. Beyond mere comfort, it extends its reach to individuals with disabilities, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in its design. Through innovative solutions, this prototype not only provides relief from sweltering temperatures but also champions the fundamental right to a safe and comfortable living environment for all. The product support UN goals by improving indoor air quality for better health, conserving energy, advancing innovation with technologies like remote-controlled systems, and promoting sustainable cities by creating healthier indoor environments.
Use Case
The goal of a smart window opener system is to automate window opening and closing in homes, businesses, and other structures to improve user comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and convenience. This system gives people more control over their interior environment and improves their daily routines by offering a contemporary solution to the problems associated with conventional window operation. The smart window opener system provides an adaptable and user-friendly solution to suit the needs of every space, whether they are related to accessibility, security, temperature control, or ventilation.


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



“Our smart window opener system prototype resembles a scaled-down version of the finished item. It is intended to highlight the essential elements that set our system apart. The primary feature that distinguishes our product is the motorised window opener, which opens and closes windows automatically. The controller unit, which serves as the system’s brain and ensures that everything functions properly, is the next component. Additionally, sensors are built in to monitor air quality and temperature, which aids the system in making intelligent judgements about when to open and close the windows. To make it easier for users to operate the system and view its current state, we have also included an app to control everything.
And a power supply is included to keep everything operating. These aspects were selected because they are important in illustrating how our smart window opener automates window operation, monitors the environment, and offers convenient control options, so making life easier and more comfortable for users.
– Window opens through detection of high temperature using a temperature sensor.
– Window opens through detection of high smoke levels using a gas sensor.
– Force sensor that alerts user of any changes in pressure or temperature.
– Arduino for controlling the hardware and sensors.
– Raspberry pi for the pi camera and application for the user that controls the Arduino Uno through serial communication.
– Pi Camera for security.
– LEDs to show gas levels.



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Impact on the market

``We must first take a look at the current market environment in order to comprehend how our smart window opener technology will affect it. According to market research, there are several ways to automate window operation, such as independent devices, smart home automation systems, and motorised window openers. Still, a lot of these choices are either unintegrated with other smart home devices, have limited functionality, or are challenging to install.
Our product differentiates itself by providing an integrated approach that blends environmental monitoring, powerful automation, and smooth interaction with pre-existing smart home systems. Our solution uses sensors instead of standard motorised window openers to automatically regulate window operation based on temperature, humidity, and air quality. This reduces the need for physical intervention while ensuring the highest levels of comfort and energy efficiency.
Our product's connectivity possibilities and user-friendly design are what really make it stand out. Users of our system may conveniently manage their windows from any location with ease by using a smartphone app, giving consumers the ability to design unique automation schedules and manage every aspect of their house from a single interface.



Ensuring proper ventilation in UK homes is crucial, particularly given the country’s damp climate. However, many individuals overlook the importance of regular ventilation due to concerns about security and weather changes. This neglect can lead to excess moisture buildup, compromising indoor air quality and posing health risks. Remote-controlled ventilation systems emerge as a practical solution to address these challenges, offering homeowners the ability to manage ventilation conveniently using their smartphones. By promoting optimal air circulation without sacrificing security or comfort, these systems contribute to creating healthier and more sustainable living environments.