Our advanced smart watering system revolutionizes plant care by intelligently managing water usage to minimize waste. Equipped with sensors, it continuously monitors soil moisture levels and pH balance, providing real-time data to ensure optimal plant health. This innovative system employs a precision water pump that delivers the perfect amount of moisture directly to each plant within our grid system. Not only does it conserve water by delivering only what’s needed, but it also maintains ideal pH levels, creating the perfect environment for plants to thrive. Experience the future of sustainable gardening with our cutting-edge smart watering system.


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Affordable and clean energy aims to make energy accessible to everyone and to limit how this energy impacts. The smart watering system has many components which are 3D printed meaning they are not too expensive to produce, and the production of the product doesn’t have a large impact on the environment.

Sustainable cities and economies aim to create societies with long-term goals in mind, focusing on implementing sustainable infrastructure which can aid the city over time. The smart watering system provides a cheap and sustainable method for taking care of plant health which is important in the longevity of a city.

Responsible construction and production’s goal is to find ways of creating things while being conscious of the way it affects the environment and also how easily replicated the means of production are. The smart watering system is easily reproduced as many components are composed of the 3D printed parts and these parts are easily reproduced.


``Designing our models for 3D printing knowing which wires to use space and wiring problems inaccurate data feedback ``
``Redesign our models research and use tinkercad to know which wires to use shorten the wires to make room on our grid change the coding to get accurate data``
Use Case
The target demographic for our project is for 35 year olds to 50 year olds as it is for people who are well adverse with technology. Also they might be too busy with work or kids so it makes it easier for them.


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



Our first prototype was a digital prototype with a different grid system to what we have now.

Online Marketing
Creative agency
Web development


Impact on the market

SAMMO's smart watering system is accessible to various demographics, offering convenience for young adults, elderly, and disabled individuals. Controlled via a website, it's ideal for busy individuals and benefits those in urban areas with limited space. It also holds potential for expansion into larger agricultural markets following successful adoption in smaller-scale applications. SAMMO distinguishes itself with a unique grid system that positions the water pump directly over the plants, rather than using sprinklers. While competitors target large-scale agriculture, our product is tailored for everyday use, offering potential for manufacturing at a smaller scale as well.



As a team we made our idea into a reality with making prototypes with a grid system, but we changed our minds with the rail system we initially thought of because it created more complications than we originally had planned. Our most recent prototype is more simplified but effective, making it easier for us to put in the breadboard and arduino’s etc. We have also swapped the LCD with a website as it is easier that way for the user to get the data. At this moment in time, we are still in the process of making the product of our smart watering system, as we need more components to be printed on the 3D printer.