Welcome to VigilEye by SST (Slay, Study, Tech), Welcome to VigilEye, the pioneering drowsiness detection system crafted by SST (Slay, Study, Tech). Our website serves as your portal to a safer, more secure driving experience. At VigilEye, we’re dedicated to fusing state-of-the-art technology with an unyielding commitment to safety. Delve into how our project aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, tackling vital issues such as health, innovation, climate action, and partnerships. VigilEye is designed to detect signs of driver drowsiness in real time, providing timely alerts to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of all road users. Through our comprehensive approach, we strive to prevent accidents, promote well-being, foster innovation, and collaborate for a sustainable future. Explore the profound impact of VigilEye, driven by advanced hardware and software technologies. Learn about our team of forward-thinking individuals and our pledge to create a safer, more sustainable future for drivers worldwide. At SST, we’re not just developing a product; we’re crafting a safer, more sustainable future for everyone on the road. Join us in our mission to slay the dangers of drowsy driving, study innovative solutions, and embrace the technology of tomorrow with VigilEye. Join us on our mission to combat the dangers of drowsy driving, explore innovative solutions, and embrace the technology of tomorrow. Welcome to VigilEye by SST.


Empowered and Driven:
Delivering Solutions for Global Issues

Goal 3 focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.​

Our Contribution:​

By addressing sleep-related health issues through our drowsiness detection system, we contribute to preventing accidents and improving overall health and well-being.​

Alerting drivers to take necessary breaks, prioritizing their physical and mental health.​


Reduction in accidents due to driver drowsiness leads to fewer injuries and fatalities, aligning to promote good health globally.​

Goal 9 emphasizes the development of resilient infrastructure, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainable industrialization.​

Our Contribution:​

The development and implementation of our drowsiness detection system represent innovation in the field of road safety.​

Contributes to building resilient infrastructure in sectors where driver alertness is critical for safety and productivity.​

Economic Impact:​

Potential reduction in medical expenses, insurance premiums, and vehicle repair costs due to fewer accidents, thereby promoting economic sustainability.​

Goal 13 addresses the urgent need to take action to combat climate change and its impacts.​

Our Contribution:​

By preventing accidents and improving safety in transportation and industrial sectors, our product indirectly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with accidents and their aftermath.​

Highlights the environmental impact of enhanced safety through the reduction of accidents.​


Aligns with climate action by mitigating the environmental consequences of accidents, fostering a more sustainable and resilient future.​

Goal 17 emphasizes the importance of partnerships to achieve common goals for a sustainable future.​

Our Contribution:​

Collaboration between technology developers, government agencies, and industries in the development and deployment of our product.​

Demonstrates the significance of partnerships in achieving shared goals related to safety and well-being.​

Global Impact:​

A united effort towards road safety emphasizes the power of collaboration in addressing global challenges and promoting a safer environment.​


Our drowsy detection device aims to tackle the critical issue of drowsy driving, a hidden danger responsible for an alarming number of road accident deaths globally each year, as reported by the United Nations. With an estimated 1.3 million fatalities attributed to road accidents, drowsy driving poses a significant threat to road safety worldwide. The National Safety Council highlights the devastating impact of driver fatigue, linking it to 100,000 avoidable crashes, 71,000 preventable injuries, and 1,550 deaths annually in the UK alone. These statistics underscore the urgent need for effective solutions to address the root cause of drowsy driving, as it continues to pose a significant threat to road safety worldwide, resulting in devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities.
To combat the critical issue of fatigue-induced accidents, our proposed innovative drowsiness detection device serves as a ground-breaking solution. Functioning as a vigilant co-pilot within the vehicle, this cutting-edge technology continuously monitors for tell-tale signs of drowsiness, such as eye blinking and yawning. By leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms, the device provides real-time alerts to drivers through gentle vibrations or integrated alerts, serving as an early warning system before fatigue escalates into a hazardous situation. This proactive approach empowers drivers to take timely measures to combat drowsiness, such as pulling over for rest or switching drivers, thereby preventing potential accidents. With its potential to significantly reduce accidents and save lives, this solution promises to foster a safer driving experience for everyone on the road.
Use Case
``The purpose of the device is to address the issue of drowsy driving by implementing a drowsiness detection system. This system aims to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue by monitoring subtle signs of drowsiness, such as changes in behaviour, eye movements, and body posture. When signs of fatigue are detected, the device provides timely alerts to the driver, helping them stay alert and prevent accidents. The device houses important hardware components, including a camera, Arduino with Raspberry Pi, a buzzer, and a button, all of which work together to monitor the driver's condition and provide alerts when necessary. It is designed with an adhesive dashboard to ensure it stays securely attached while the vehicle is in motion. The target audience for this device includes both everyday drivers and truckers, who often spend long hours on the road and are at a higher risk of experiencing drowsiness while driving. By implementing this drowsiness detection system, the device aims to improve road safety by reducing the occurrence of fatigue-related accidents. ``


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



Our drowsiness detection prototype, tailored for daily commuters and long-haul truck drivers, prioritises features directly enhancing safety and preventing accidents. The core technology continuously monitors alertness through eye blink and yawn detection, providing timely warnings with gentle vibrations or integrated buzzers. Encased in a durable 3D-printed casing for stability, VigilEye empowers drivers to prioritise road safety during demanding stretches by encouraging proactive behaviour with timely break reminders. This early sample serves as a scaled-down version of the final product, allowing for testing and refinement. The technology vigilantly tracks signs of drowsiness, including eye blinking and yawning, providing real-time insights into the driver’s level of alertness. When the system detects drowsiness, it issues gentle vibrations and integrated buzzers, prompting the driver to take corrective action. The device is encased in a robust 3D-printed shell, ensuring stability even on rough roads. VigilEye empowers drivers, particularly daily commuters and long-haul truck drivers, to prioritise road safety. It encourages proactive behaviour by offering timely reminders to pull over for a break. The company’s product development philosophy focuses on meeting customer needs and delivering a continuously refined device to meet evolving demands.



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Impact on the market

The VigilEye drowsiness detection device distinguishes itself in the market through its unique adjustability and universal compatibility, offering a significant advantage over competitors. While other systems are typically integrated into specific car models, VigilEye can be seamlessly installed in any vehicle, effectively transforming it into a smart car. This adaptability ensures that all drivers, whether in compact sedans or SUVs, can benefit from cutting-edge safety technology with real-time drowsiness alerts. Entering a rapidly growing road safety market valued at £3426.52 billion `{`Grand View Research`}`, where drowsy driving poses a significant concern, VigilEye is poised to meet the increasing demand for preventative safety features. The drowsiness detection system market is projected to reach £19.13 billion by 2033 `{`Dataintelo`}`, driven by this demand. While existing high-end systems from Bosch cater to luxury vehicles with pre-installed features, they are expensive and limited in accessibility. In contrast, VigilEye offers a cost-effective and universally compatible solution, democratizing critical safety technology for a broader range of drivers. Its adjustable design allows for easy installation in any vehicle, empowering drivers of all backgrounds to prioritize safety and prevent accidents, particularly professionals like truck drivers and families on long journeys.



“VigilEye by SST (Slay, Study, Tech) introduces an innovative drowsiness detection system designed to enhance road safety by addressing the dangers of drowsy driving.

The device serves as a vigilant co-pilot within the vehicle, continuously monitoring for signs of drowsiness such as eye blinking and yawning. Leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms, it delivers real-time alerts to drivers through gentle vibrations or integrated alerts, empowering them to take timely measures to combat drowsiness and prevent potential accidents.

In terms of technology, the device incorporates hardware components such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, camera, buzzer, button, breadboard, LCD, LED, and various sensors. Software utilized includes Python, Dlib, OpenCV, Imutils, and NumPy.

Encased in a durable 3D-printed casing, the prototype prioritizes safety features and encourages proactive behavior with timely break reminders. It targets both everyday drivers and long-haul truck drivers, aiming to improve road safety by reducing fatigue-related accidents.

VigilEye distinguishes itself in the market with its adjustability and universal compatibility, offering a cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly installed in any vehicle. This adaptability ensures broader accessibility to cutting-edge safety technology, democratizing critical features for a wider range of drivers and contributing to the growth of the drowsiness detection system market.”