At Medvault, we are dedicated to revolutionize the way people take their medicine. Our innovative pill dispenser is made to streamline the medication administration process, ensuring convenience and prioritising accuracy for users and their care givers alike. Our project aims to tackle the challenges of medication management by addressing the complexity of taking lots of different medicines on a daily basis, combating forgetfulness and non-adherence, and providing support for caregivers and users alike. We recognize the critical importance of effective medication management in maintaining good health and preventing complications. By simplifying the process we strive to improve the quality of life for individuals and alleviate the burden on caregivers.


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Good Health and Well-being (3): MedVault aims to improve medication management, which directly contributes to promoting good health and well-being. By ensuring individuals take their medications correctly and consistently, we can help prevent health complications and improve overall health outcomes.

Reduced Inequalities (10): Access to proper medication management can reduce inequalities, particularly for vulnerable populations who may face barriers to healthcare access such as old people. MedVault can contribute to reducing disparities in healthcare by providing a user-friendly solution for medication management that is accessible to people of all ages.

Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17): Collaboration is essential for addressing complex challenges such as medication management. MedVault can make partnerships between healthcare providers, caregivers, and technology developers to create innovative solutions and improve health outcomes.


``Managing multiple medications can be overwhelming and can lead to some errors. From forgetting to take a dose to accidentally doubling up, the consequences of medication mismanagement can be severe, leading to bad health outcomes and decreased quality of life. Moreover, caregivers often face the daunting task of overseeing medication schedules for their loved ones, adding to their burden and stress. ``
Enter medvault - the ultimate solution for medication management. Our smart pill dispenser utilizes cutting-edge technology to automate pill organization and dispensing, eliminating the hassle associated with traditional pillboxes. With alerts and reminders, users can stay on track with their medication schedule, while caregivers can remotely monitor adherence and receive notifications in real-time.
Use Case
Millions of people world wide struggle taking their medicine especially those of old age due to complex dosing schedules, forgetfulness or physical limitation. Our mission is to reduce these challenges by providing a reliable and user friendly solution that empowers individuals to take control of their health with confidence


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



We’re excited to share a glimpse of our latest prototype designed in Tinkercad. This compact and efficient layout represents the core of our smart medication management system, focusing on precision and ease of use. Central to our design is an Arduino Uno microcontroller, the brains of our operation, tasked with processing and executing all commands. Equipped with a Wi-Fi module, the Arduino ensures our device stays connected for real-time updates and remote monitoring, a vital feature for caregivers who need to stay informed. Our prototype showcases an array of five servo motors, each meticulously programmed to dispense medication. These servos actuate individualized compartments, allowing for accurate dispensing of pills according to the user’s medication schedule. The shared power line across the servos is indicative of our design’s streamlined electrical layout, aimed at reducing complexity and enhancing reliability. Furthermore the breadboard alongside the Arduino forms the experimental heart where components can be easily added or reconfigured, reflecting our iterative approach to development. This modularity in design allows us to test different configurations and quickly adapt to user feedback or new requirements.



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Impact on the market

The introduction of medvault into the healthcare market stands to make a significant impact, particularly in the realm of personal health management and home care services. This smart medication management system is designed to address the critical issue of medication non-adherence, which contributes to considerable health risks, mortality, and avoidable healthcare costs. By automating the process of medication dispensing with precise control and remote monitoring capabilities, medvault is set to reduce the frequency of medication errors and the burden on caregivers. The easy-to-use interface and the connectivity features can greatly enhance the user experience for elderly patients and those with complex medication routines, promoting independence and confidence in managing one's health. In the broader market, medvault may drive innovation in medical devices, pushing competitors to integrate similar technologies. Its focus on connectivity and real-time data aligns with the growing trend of telemedicine and personalized healthcare solutions.



Our medvault project began with the conceptualization of a medication management system aimed at enhancing adherence, dosing accuracy, and user-friendliness. We selected the versatile Arduino Uno and a Wi-Fi module to ensure robust functionality and real-time connectivity. The virtual design and testing were carried out on Tinkercad, enabling rapid iteration and a solid foundation for the subsequent physical prototype. C++ programming provided the efficiency and control needed to bring our concepts to life. User testing of the prototype informed iterative design improvements, leading to a refined mechanical structure, an intuitive interface. Through rigorous testing and validation, we ensured the prototype’s reliability and safety. Market testing guided our pre-launch adjustments, and following the launch, we’ve established a feedback loop to continue refining medvault, aligning it with user needs and market feedback.