Committed to innovation in the cleaning industry, Team Automated Compact Cleaner Corporation (A3C) is developing a universally accessible cleaning solution. This compact and affordable device will tackle both indoor spaces like classrooms and restaurants, as well as outdoor areas like roads. A3C prioritizes both economic feasibility and environmental responsibility, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Empowered and Driven:
Delivering Solutions for Global Issues

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being: Improved hygiene through effective cleaning contributes significantly to Goal 3 by promoting public health and well-being.

Goal 4: Quality Education: Clean classrooms create a more conducive learning environment, contributing to Goal 4 of ensuring quality education.

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy: Our focus on affordability suggests the potential for an energy-efficient cleaning solution, reducing reliance on high-powered machines and contributing to Goal 7.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: A3C’s innovation in cleaning technology directly addresses Goal 9 by promoting advancements in sustainable infrastructure and industries.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities: By keeping roads and public spaces clean, our cleaners can contribute to healthier and more livable communities, aligning with Goal 11.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals: ACC’s development process likely involves collaboration, which is crucial for achieving the SDGs as outlined in Goal 17.


``1. Persistent Litter: Improper waste disposal on roads and in workplaces creates public health hazards by attracting pests, contaminating waterways, and potentially spreading disease. 2. Inefficient Cleaning Methods: Traditional methods can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and inadequate in hard-to-reach areas, leading to unsanitary and potentially unsafe conditions. 3. High Costs: Current cleaning solutions can be expensive, limiting accessibility for some businesses and public works departments, and creating discrepancies in hygiene standards. 4. Limited Coverage: Traditional cleaning methods often struggle to cover large areas efficiently, particularly in sprawling public spaces like roads or busy workplaces. This can leave significant areas neglected and contribute to overall cleanliness issues. 5. Environmental Strain: Many cleaning methods utilize harsh chemicals or generate excessive waste, putting a strain on the environment and potentially contributing to pollution.``
``1. Reduced Litter Impact: A3C's compact cleaner can navigate tight spaces, potentially collecting litter before it becomes a health hazard or environmental contaminant. 2. Improved Cleaning Efficiency: Automation promises to address the time constraints and labour limitations of traditional methods. By covering larger areas efficiently, A3C cleaner can tackle previously neglected zones. 3. Cost-Effective Cleaning: The affordability of A3C's solution can make regular cleaning more accessible for businesses and public works departments, potentially leading to a more consistent standard of hygiene. 4. Expanded Cleaning Coverage: The compact size and maneuverability of the cleaners allow them to reach areas inaccessible to traditional methods, leading to a more comprehensive cleaning across large spaces. 5. Environmentally Friendly Approach: By potentially reducing reliance on harsh chemicals and minimizing waste generation, A3C cleaner could contribute to a more sustainable cleaning approach.``
Use Case
A3C is developing a compact, affordable cleaning robot to tackle litter and sanitation challenges in both indoor and outdoor environments, promoting public health, accessibility, and environmental responsibility.


List of Essential Tools and Technologies



Our prototype is a compact and autonomous cleaning robot designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. Imagine a device small enough to navigate under desks and chairs in classrooms, yet robust enough to handle debris on public roads. Affordability is a key feature, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Equipped with intelligent navigation and cleaning technologies, the robot will efficiently tackle litter and dust, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. This eco-friendly design prioritizes minimal energy consumption and reduced waste generation. We envision a future where these robots seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, quietly working behind the scenes to ensure a cleaner world.

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Impact on the market

``1. Market Expansion: By offering a compact and affordable solution, ACC can tap into previously unaddressed sectors. This could include smaller businesses, budget-conscious institutions, and even individual households, leading to significant market growth.

2. Increased Accessibility: The affordability factor can democratize access to high-quality cleaning. Public spaces, educational institutions, and businesses with limited resources can now maintain a higher standard of hygiene.

3. Efficiency Boost: The automation aspect promises to free up human labour for higher-value tasks, while simultaneously improving cleaning efficiency and coverage in both indoor and outdoor areas.

4. Environmental Shift: The focus on a sustainable design, potentially using less energy and generating minimal waste, can contribute to a greener cleaning industry, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

5. Innovation Catalyst: A3C's success could inspire further advancements in compact cleaning robots, fostering a more competitive and innovative market landscape that benefits everyone.``



“1. Activate & Control: The robot awakens to your command! Power it on using the remote control, the ElegooKit smartphone app, or simply by flipping the switch on its battery box. Once activated, you take the helm, guiding the cleaner’s movement via Bluetooth connection on your chosen interface.

2. Brush and Clean: As you steer, a built-in motor springs to life, rotating a brush at the cleaner’s base. This hardworking brush sweeps debris across the surface, making quick work of dirt and dust.

3. Capture the Mess: No escape for dirt! As the cleaner cleans, dislodged debris is whisked upwards through a designated layer at the bottom. This clever design channels the captured mess into a dedicated bin conveniently located on the cleaner’s upper body, ready for easy disposal later.

4. Cleanliness On-the-Go: This compact and agile cleaner tackles messes wherever it hides. Whether navigating open spaces or maneuvering under furniture, its size allows it to reach those hard-to-clean corners, ensuring a comprehensive clean.”